Food Babe – Join the Army! What is really in your food? The Food Babe is inspiring.

Balanced Bites– Author of Practical Paleo and  the 21 Day Sugar Detox (and cookbook), Diane Sanfillippo inspired me to change the way I eat. Her recipes make it easy (and they make me look like a foodie genius)

Empowered Sustenance– try the coconut flour biscuits. Trust me on this one.

The Coconut Mama– She’s fantastic. There are so many interesting articles I can’t possibly pinpoint one.

Underground Wellness– Sean Croxton’s enthusiasm is infectious! His radio show showcases the best guests with current, relevant material. The Dark Side of Fat Loss was one of the first resources I ever bought on my real food adventure. 

Mountain Rose Herbs– An herbal products company. I want one of everything. I feel like they have had my every whim. Definitely a go-to resource.

Kombucha Kamp– Everything you could possibly want to know about brewing your own booch!




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