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Daily Cleansing Routine

The internet seems inundated with information how to detox the body. That’s fine but for me, it was a bit overwhelming. With so much information is easy to forget that the human body already has an amazing system that detoxes and defends the body very well, particularly if the body is healthy to begin with. Our natural detoxification system is comprised of the skin, liver, kidneys, respiratory system, immune system, and intestines. You can check out more about it here.

I believe that everyone should do what they can to reduce exposure to environmental toxins, but I don’t have a lot of time to devote to ritual or any other labor intensive detox routine. There are a few things I do keep my body healthy, apart from a whole foods diet, so my detox systems can do what they are intended to do.

Warm Lemon Water

 It almost seems like what CAN’T warm lemon water do.  According to underground,  daily warm lemon water maintains pH levels in the body (lemons are alkaline in our body), boost the immune system and flush toxins out of the system by stimulating enzyme function which stimulates liver function. After a few weeks of daily lemon water, I noticed that it energizes me to take on the day (read: reduced caffeine consumption) and my skin looks vibrant. That’s always a plus.


The recommendation:

  • <150lbs=  juice from 1/2 lemon per 8oz
  • >150lbs=juice from whole lemon

I keep my lemons at room temp and roll them on the counter with a bit of pressure to get more juice from them.

Dry Brushing

This will help to support your other detoxing organs. Sometimes dead skin and other toxins get trapped in our skin and can cause things like acne and other skin irritations. Taking the time to dry brush will help clear the skin out and boost the lymphatic flow.

To get started you will need a long handled brush with natural bristles. Using synthetic can really scratch up your skin. The ideal time to dry brush is right before your morning shower because it is energizing. Brush your dry skin in long upward strokes toward the heart. It may hurt at first, but you will get accustomed to it and find it rejuvenating. It really helps wake up on the days you may not feel like getting out of bed.

This is a good, short video that I found helpful:

Nasal Irrigation

This one in particular terrified me when my primary care physician recommended it to me (“I’m sorry, you want me to do WHAT?”). Since moving to the midwest I have struggled with respiratory/allergy issues and was really getting discouraged. I finally conceded that I would try using a neti pot only after my doctor satisfied the concerns I had. The answers are: use distilled water, buffered salt is available at your local drugstore, you will get used to it, you can still breathe through your mouth. You can imagine the questions.

My experience has been wonderful. Since starting this, I haven’t had any major respiratory issues. The normal allergies are much more manageable and I haven’t spent any money on allergy medication. When I don’t do it, I can really feel the difference.

In addition to clearing mucous, nasal irrigation clears any irritants that one may inhale during the course of the day  and the salt reduces swelling in the nasal passage.



I have a love/hate relationship with sweat. The easiest way to sweat is to exercise. That’s also the hardest because it takes quite a bit of dedication to make time for it. I figure some exercise is better than none. There are plenty of online resources that have short workouts that you can follow if you lack the inspiration, or in my case motivation, to make up your own. Check out the websites below (they are my faves):

  • Blogilates: Cassey Ho is so bubbly and cute, but make no mistake, her  Pilates workouts will leave you sore for days.
  • BodyRock TV: If you think you’re tough, I dare you to try BodyRock. I always panic just a bit before I press play. Lisa-Marie is really intense and I adore her for that.
  • Fitness Blender: There is truly something for everyone here. There isn’t any reason not find a workout for your mood on this website.

Another option would be to hit up a sauna. 30 to 40 minutes in a sauna induces a therapeutic sweat that eliminates toxins. This would be my preferred method of course, but there isn’t one near me. So I just dream about it…

Use Natural Beauty Products

The easiest way to support your body’s natural detox system is to just decrease the load from the beginning. Some easy substitutions to start with are:

  • Sweet Almond Oil for lotion. Check out the benefits here. I’m a little bit lazy, but there are plenty of DIY recipe for lotion that look neat.
  • Oil Cleansing Method to remove makeup and cleanse your face. This is so easy and my complexion looks fantastic. This article is great if you’re starting out and not sure which oils would be best for your skin. You can personalize as much as you want!  I just roll with Sweet Almond Oil because I’m wild.
  • I’ve switched my makeup over to a more natural brand: CARENminerals Pure Earth Mineral Gluten Free Foundation  and I like it pretty well. To be honest, I haven’t replaced every single piece of makeup but as I run out, I replace it with a different brand. Another brand I’ve run across and am eager to try is 100% Pure. Once Summer time arrives though, I plan on wearing my sunny glow instead. That will truly be all natural.

Those are some measures I take daily and to be honest, I feel better overall. I haven’t been sick, my skin is radiant, and I don’t run short of energy. In the big picture, I really can’t ask for much more.

What are some things that you do?

Are there any other things that you would recommend to someone who is new to this?