“8 Ancient Rituals to Renew Your Life, Spirit & Happiness” by Debra Macleod

Humanistic Paganism

People love the idea of a fresh start. A clean slate. A chance to cleanse past mistakes, to right old wrongs, to move forward in life without the burden of bad memories or unhealthy habits. It’s why we’re drawn to significant dates such as the first day of a new week or new month, our birthday, or the New Year. We use that time, that “stroke of midnight” click of the second-hand, to hit the reset button on our lives. It’s a little bit of magic.

For many people, the reset button ushers in lifestyle changes like diet and exercise that we hope will improve our bodily health. How many of us have said, “Okay, I’m going to watch what I eat – starting Monday.”

But what about our spirit? How many of us dig a little deeper to discover that our spiritual and emotional well-being need to be renewed…

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