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Spiral Herb Garden Chart

Fuentes Farm

Spiral Herb Garden


Spiral Herb Gardens are like the gift baskets of Permaculture—most everyone takes one home after an introduction to the subject. However, when we begin to dig into the gift that is Spiral Herb Gardens we find that they resemble Pandora’s Box. The layers of information expand exponentially in relation to the diameter, height, location, orientation, elevation, soil structure, drainage, building materials, climate, and plant selection of your Spiral Garden. I consider this gardening technique as the Permaculturalist’s master key for opening your mind to sustainable living.

Spiral Herbs Gardens utilize 9 out of the 12 Permaculture principles [1]:

2. Catch and Store Energy – Water drains from the top of the spiral to the small pond at the bottom.

3. Obtain a Yield – Sixteen different herbs have been included in this design.

5. Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services – Orienting the garden with the…

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